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Rarotonga, Nukutere (Cook Islands)

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We are excited to announce 
the re stock of
Papa Mikes Book
"Escaping West to reach the rising Sun".

This book was first published and printed in 2022 with all these books selling out locally here in Rarotonga.


This new edition has been made possible with the help and support of Tav Pacific who have partnered with Gallery Tavioni & Vananga to help us in our efforts to share indigenous stories with the world.


Escaping West to Reach the Rising Sun is based on the true story of 5 brave men who escaped the hands of colonisation in their homeland of

Rapa Nui and drifted 56 days at sea.


Books are NZD$50.00 + postage and handling for our international customers.


Send an email to 

to place your order now.


Auckland customers can pick up their copy from

TAV Pacific in Onehunga.

Check out their website for store hours


Cook Islands customers are welcome to pre-order by sending us an email.


The books will be available for purchase and pick up in person at the Gallery from mid May 2024.

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