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Rarotonga, Nukutere (Cook Islands)

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Matali'i Va'a (Porirua)


Papa Mike, Mama Awhitia and Gina travelled to Porirua (Aotearoa) to attend the Matali'i Va'a Festival in support of traditional canoe building and canoe culture of Te Moana Nui a Kiva.


Festival Director John Misky along with project Coordinator Tere Harrison, invited Mike and Awhitia to be part of the Talanoa session to engage with the community, sharing their experience as Ta'unga Tarai Vaka (master carvers of traditional vaka). 


This event was the first time that Awhitia agreed to speak on a panel, a momentous occasion for her family and her. The trip was very meaningful and heart led. We look forward to further collaborations with Matali'i Va'a - John Misky and Tere Harrison.


Mike and Awhitia wish to thank Matali'i Va'a for their invitation and for the cultural knowledge they share and perpetuate through the active involvement in making and constructing traditional va'a (canoe).


They also appreciate the support of also them funding Gina's travel to chaperone them to this event.

Matali'i Porirua Feb 2024.jpg
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