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Discover the beautiful works of our resident artists at the exhibitions currently on show. We work hard to surprise and innovate, changing our space to carefully compliment our artists’ work.

Kanoelangi Aquino_edited_edited.jpg


Shane Andrew is a Cook Islands artist, based in Rarotonga for the last 15 years. He is a contemporary painter fusing together Pacific influences, and Cook Islands culture. His brutish brush strokes form highly textured grids of portraiture and the use of intense color defines his paintings as technologically advancing and instigates cultural diversity.


Kanoe grew up living all over the Pacific. As a little girl she would use water colours and save up brown paper bags to be her canvas. A Hawaiian local, she moved to Rarotonga with her musician husband Rudy Aquino. Kanoe's art reflects her natural environment. She paints in realism and isn't shy of bold and bright colours that brings a joy and wonderment to her paintings.


Awhitia Tavioni has been carving almost as long as her iconic husband Mike. Together the two of them have travelled numerous times to Hawaii, Tahiti and New Zealand to participate in Pacific art gatherings, canoe exhibitions, oe vaka competitions and cultural events. A quiet champion of her art, Awhitia pays special attention to any piece she is creating with the meticulous precision of a learned sculptor. An inspirational carver, her art works embody her love for her culture.

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