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Pareu (paa-re-oo) is a fabric wrap


Historically, block printing was a method used to print patterns, designs and motifs onto cloth like ‘fabrics’ like tapa (bark cloth) using natural inks and dyes.
The motifs and patterns carved onto the printing implements were meaningful, representing nature, human forms, island of origin and even family ties.


In modern times the art of pareu has been developed where a board is carved with traditional designs. These boards are then used to print fabric, laying over the cloth and applying paint to the block print.


The pareu is a modern adaptation of block printing methods and techniques and a way to share cultural heritage and creativity with the world. 


Come and learn this skill with us!

In your pre booked 45 minute session, you will learn some of the history of why boards were carved. Why the patterns are important and then print your own Pareu to take home as a souvenir of your time not only in the

Cook Islands but also at Gallery Tavioni & Vananga.

Fill out this form and email us now for your spot!

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