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Our tupuna sustained their knowledge in oral history, mythology and story telling.

Papa Mike describes it like this;
"Our ancestors were very clever. They kept our history in our legends. Our mythology are containers of knowledge. When you hear a legend, it sounds made up. But there was a reason for the exaggerated stories.
It was so that the kids would not forget.
If you say 'Maui went on a voyage and discovered a country' no one really cares. But if you say 'Maui went fishing with his grand-mothers jawbone and caught a huge fish which became an island' -
well...then you have everyone's attention!"

Korero is at the heart of the Vananga and something that Papa Mike is renowned for. He shares ideas and stories he was taught by his tupuna and discusses the meaning and delves into exploring the 'why'. 

Papa Mike along with Gina are working on documenting these stories and his ideas to share with the community.

If you would like to book in time to share korero with
Papa Mike, please contact us to schedule a session.

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