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Morgan Hogg

Cook Island/Australian Artist


 March 17th


Morgan Hogg is a Cook Islands, Sydney based artist who has received a 2023 Fellowship as part of the New South Wales Visual Arts Fellowship (Emerging) exhibition. 

As part of her fellowship, Morgan will do an apprenticeship with Papa Mike focusing on 'Motifs of Nukutere'. 


In an article she was interviewed for (by the NSW government) Morgan detailed what the fellowship has supported her doing, "The Fellowship will take me to the Cook Island to work with one of the last remaining knowledge-holders of traditional word carving and tattooing. I will spend time in community, working and learning from him."


This is a private apprenticeship but local artists will be invited to come along to a korero session with Papa Mike to learn more about traditional forms of 'art' and the importance of heritage akaira (motifs), patterns and their use.

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